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Extraordinary Cocktails


We believe planning your bar is as important as planning you menu...


Cleveland Event Bartenders is not a temp agency or a catering service.


We are a professional network of working bartenders serving the communities where we work and live, utilizing and setting current industry trends with a passion for great food, beverages, service & celebration.


In recent years the Food Network along with Gourmet and Food & Wine Magazine have given national recognition to what professional bartenders and chefs here have known for ages. Cleveland is noted in the world of haute cuisine and our bartenders hold to that same standard.


Hospitality is a calling and a chosen profession like any other. Chefs like Michael Symon and Rocco Whalen have set the bar for us all...can you call yourself a Clevelander and serve your guests vodka with some cranberry juice? Why, when there is so much more to offer! From casual small affairs to the grandest of events, offer you guests the best in service and creativity.


Celebrate our city, its' beautifully diverse culture, and its' exceptional talent with Cleveland Event Bartenders at your next event...because planning a bar today is synonymous with planning your menu.  

Cleveland, Ohio is home to a nationally recognized bar & restaurant community with world class creativity.


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