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Corporate Events

Planning your bar is as important as planning you menu.


Your attention to detail will not be overlooked by your clients or your guests.

Whether you are entertaining 20 guests or 2000, we will appropriately staff & stock your bar for smooth consistent service from the beginning of your event to the end, leaving you to focus on business at hand or simply the social company of your guests.


Would you expect your event planner to create and serve your dinner menu? Of course not! Neither should your bar service and selections reflect any inexperience or inattention to detail.  Entertaining is a business in and of itself . Providing your  corporate guests with a professional bar and unique signature cocktail list will show your company is cutting edge in every aspect.   


Corporate guests are typically accustomed to fine dining and top shelf products and their perception of quality does not stay at the dinner table. Often guests will choose vodka and cranberry juice at events simply because they have no other options. Go beyond the Grey Goose, the Kettle One and the cranberry...introduce them to something new!  


There are many top shelf products on the market today including imported and domestic specialty liquors and liqueurs that ad color and layers of flavor to excite the palate. Successful business know that diversification and specialization are key elements in a streamlined operation regardless of profession. You impressed your clients in the boardroom...continue to impress them at your event by taking advantage of our expertise.


Remember that entertaining is all about your guests! Often our clients have assigned event planning to an internal staff member with little to no experience within the beverage industry, however and more importantly, lots of knowledge about the personalities and preferences of the host and the guests. We can work with your event planner to create a specialty drink menu that will compliment your theme and  fit the flavor profile of your guest list. True professionalism is knowing when to hire an expert rather than trying to "do it yourself."


We can even design professionally printed drink menu cards and  tiered bar displays to further compliment your overall design.


Responsible Service

Alcoholic beverages are intended to be an enhancement to your evening but can cause harm if misused!


Each of our bartenders hold a responsible service certification from the National Restaurant Association ServSafe Alcohol Safety Program.





Responsible service means being aware of who we are serving, how much we are serving and the well being of our guests. We are knowledgeable about alcohol laws and trained to effectively and safely handle difficult situations, both discreetly and professionally.


A responsible training certification is required at many event centers for alcohol service staff and  NRA ServSafe is of the most trusted in our industry. A memorable evening begins with our reminder to please drink responsibly!  

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