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Specialty Drink Menus

Traditionally referred to as entertaining, hosting a party is exactly that! The term "entertaining" itself is defined as anything that causes enjoyment. It also requires an audience ,otherwise there is no one to enjoy it! What is 'enjoyable', always depends on your guests! Bartenders are professional entertainers and love 'building' specialty drinks much like a tableside chef at a fine dining restaurant.


Let's talk about your guests! Age, type of event, nationality, favorite traditional drink, favorite liquor or liqueur? In order for us to create something your guest will truly enjoy we need to learn more about them, their taste preferences and how adventurous they are (specialty drink ingredients have moved well beyond traditional!) Final recipes will always meet your approval prior to the event. Pleasing your guests is always our top priority.


Let's talk about ideas! What was that wonderful blue drink you had on your cruise last year? Tell us about the cantina in Mexico that had the best Margaritas you've ever tasted. What's the new, fun and exciting wine this year? New vodka flavors you came across but weren't sure what to do with? Becoming a part of the planning process with us can be as enjoyable for you as your actual event.




















Add unique and original cocktails to  your event!

Let's talk about liquors and liqueurs! The liquor store is a perfect picture of mankind's timeless love of celebration across all other boundaries and borders. How so? People around the world have transformed fruits, grains and herbs into varied representations of their social culture and local agriculture over hundreds of years of time and tradition. Blue Curacao made from the Caribbean, Curacao island orange and produced by the Dutch is quite different from the French orange liqueur Cointreau or the Cognac-based Grand Marnier. Italy and Greece each created their own unique aniseed-flavoured products, Sambuca and Ouzo. Don't forget the increasingly popular Absinthe from Switzerland, also aniseed! A beautiful portrait of creativity and diversity for us to discover and enjoy today together, let us guide you through the liquor store as if you were traveling the world!

Let's talk about continuity! Get imaginative! You spent the time to develop the theme, select the colors and decor. Imagine a specialty drink that perfectly matches the shade of plum your bridesmaids are wearing. The joy of creating recipes includes an aesthetic element as well as a flavor profile.


Let us help you make your event the talk of the town! Do you like surprises? Play "Iron Bartender" with us and be the chancellor. Provide us a list of ingredients to transform! There are so many varieties of liquors and liqueurs on the market today that can be combined with herbs, spices, sugars, fruits, food products...let your guests share in the fun by bringing additional ingredients! No matter what new ideas we discover together your event will be the talk of the town.


Rimming sugars, edible flowers, herbs & spices, fresh fruits...we can't give all of our secrets away here! However, the specialty cocktails we create for your will be your recipes to enjoy forever!


Call us today to discuss your event!


We offer a variety of services to put the 'Finishing Touches' on your event including professionally printed menu cards & tiered bar displays.

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