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Meet Our Event Management Staff

Ryanne Haditsch

Director of West Side Events


Ryanne is professional winemaker, WSET advanced certification holder who has extensive experience in event planning and fine-dining restaurant management. She brings her passion for the food and beverage industry to each and every event.

Currently, Ryanne is also the head wine maker for Chateau Hough, a non-profit winery located in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland. Wine sales at Chateau Hough help to fund Neighborhood Solutions, a 501c3 non-profit created to support the community by offering an avenue to lifelong career skills in the hospitality and agricultural industries. 

Our goal at Cleveland Event Bartenders is to design one-of-a-kind, customized events for each of our clients. Consultation with Ryanne is step one! Her knowledge of craft beverages, wine & food pairing and joyful creativity blend together with your vision for a memorable experience. 

Terrance Rice

Director of East Side Events


Katie Katcher

Operations Manager

Mixologist or Bartender?

What is a 'mixologist' ?

Mixologists, simply put, are bartenders who love to tend a bar! They are all formally trained in traditional techniques, knowledgeable about products and flavors and experienced working in bars and restaurants.



Webster's dates the term 'mixology' back to 1948. The art or skill of preparing mixed drinks. Many liken it to the difference between a cook and a chef, as a level of expertise and experience. Chefs and mixologists are like "kids in candy stores" when shopping at fresh food markets, specialty grocers and for us especially...the liquor store!


Ask yourself why someone might choose to be a professional bartender. Creativity. Social atmosphere. The joy meeting new people and sharing in celebrations of life. Our bartenders are excited to make your acquaintance, entertain your guests and assist you in hosting your event.


We all serve one another in our chosen professions! Variety is the spice of life and our bartenders welcome the opportunity to step out of their day to day 'offices' to bring their talents to your corporate or private affair. Call us today to discuss your event. It is our pleasure to serve you!


Responsible Service

Alcoholic beverages are intended to be an enhancement to your evening but can cause harm if misused!


Each of our bartenders hold a responsible service certification from the National Restaurant Association ServSafe Alcohol Safety Program. Responsible service means being aware of who we are serving, how much we are serving and the well being of our guests.


We are knowledgeable about alcohol laws and trained to effectively and safely handle difficult situations, both discreetly and professionally. A responsible training certification is required at many event centers for alcohol service staff and NRA ServSafe is of the most trusted in our industry.


A memorable evening begins with our reminder to please drink responsibly!

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