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Event Center Private Parties

You have chosen the perfect event center...

Now you can focus on the  finishing touches!

Every event center is different and each will offer different services to their clients. You selected your location according to what is important to your event...usually capacity requirement, but also indoor vs. outdoor preferences, architecture, location and  availability. Your bar and bar staff are obviously a finishing detail.


Many event centers or church halls, even those that do offer catering, do not supply alcoholic beverage services or experienced bar staffing and you will typically be responsible for purchasing your own liquor and bar supplies. Hiring a Cleveland Event Bartender always includes consultation for basic bar set up. See our section below about "Navigating the Liquor Store." We will also ensure that you have the right number of bartenders to accommodate your number of guests.


Your bar is an important part of entertaining your guests and is an extension of their overall experience. We will ensure that your bar is properly stocked and runs smoothly from the beginning of your event to the end. We are respectful and experienced working with large and small event centers to make staffing appear seamless. Many times we are mistaken for employees of the center itself and our services are often recommend by centers to their clients upon consultation.  


Clients hosting parties sizeable enough to warrant an event center usually enjoy our additional services of specialty drink menu creation, printed menu cards and tiered bar displays.


Make your experience even more memorable with specialty drink menus that compliment your theme. Imagine a specialty cocktail that perfectly matches your colors, decor and cuisine? We have the expertise and creativity to provide specialty cocktails that will truly commemorate your event.





Wedding Bartender

Navigating the Liquor Store

The trick to navigating the liquor store is planning! There are thousands of different wines and spirits, mixes and garnishes! to choose from! 





Common Questions:

What should I serve? Beer, wine, mixed drinks?


How much of each should I buy to accommodate my guest list?


What's the difference in brands & price and does it really matter?


How much liquor should I buy for drinks like margaritas?


How much and what types of juice and soda should I offer?


Is it better to smaller quantities or liters?


How much ice do I need?


What types of garnishes do I need and how much?


What type of glassware and how many?

When you hire a Cleveland Event Bartender we will assist you with setting up a basic bar within your specified budget to accommodate your specified number of guests and provide answers to the most common question about setting up a basic bar.

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